From my Home to Yours



Hey there! I'm Kaye, the human behind the scenes of Peep & Po. Mom of two, living in Louisville, KY and originally from England, I was ready for more than the 9-5. So, from my bedroom floor printing out shipping labels, and way too many product boxes for my husband to count, I started vetting out products for moms like me who were so overwhelmed with options and just wanted a one-stop shop for all the best baby products on the market. The softest footie pajamas for mid-day couch snuggles, or the book that was read through tears and tired eyes. Ever been out to eat and realize that you need a barrier between the germ-infested table and your tot, but you know 100000% if you stick a plate in front of babe that they'll yeet it across the room? Yeah, me too. (Silicone Placemat, we sell 'em). Parenthood is the most rewarding yet challenging job, and often the decisions we make feel astronomical. If I can make any part of this journey easier for you, then my work here is done. 

I wanted to also work with small businesses, most of which aren't on Amazon. Some of the amazing brands you will find here, are women & minority owned. Your money will go to single moms, small-shops, eco-friendly businesses, and will support local communities.

Peep & Po collections are curated with your littles in mind, and it is our hope to highlight your child's uniqueness with sustainable, ethical, and quality items. Each product is hand selected with respect to the people involved as well as the environment. We take pride in supporting small minority owned businesses and hope to promote human well-being on a larger scale.